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If your roof is damaged, your home is suffering. In order to protect your home from further damage, it needs to be assessed and repaired as soon as possible. Patriot Roofing can help you by quickly inspecting your roof. Once they have completed an inspection, Patriot Roofing can work with you to get repairs made in a timely manner.

A leaking roof is a signal that your roof needs to be inspected and repaired. Roof leaks can happen for a number of reasons. Leaks can be hard to find for those that are not professionals. Patriot Roofing has the expertise to complete a prompt and complete inspection. They will find the source of your leak and work with you to create a plan for repairs.

Punctures in your roofing can cause leaks in your roofing. When a puncture occurs, the bonding in the roof is broken. Fluid can fill the gaps in the damaged bonding. Hail is often one cause of roof punctures. Punctures can also be caused by tree limbs that fall on or scrape your roof. Punctures can be hard to identify. Patriot Roofing can locate the damage and identify the cause. Repairs often include removal of tree limbs that are causing the problem.

The Patriot Roofing staff is highly trained to inspect roofing, including key areas that are often overlooked by others. Areas near chimneys can allow water to pool and lead to roof leaks. Damaged shingles can lead to leaks as well. Roofing that is not secure, including broken shingles and missing shingles, can quickly lead to leaks. Other areas that often leak are the areas around gutters and skylights. Highly trained staff can quickly spot cracked flashing and areas where water can pool on your roof. In short, a professional roofing company is key to helping you to quickly locate and fix leaks.

The roof of your home offers its main protection against the wild weather of the Texas Panhandle. In the spring, severe storms often occur bringing wind and hail. Winter storms also cause damage with ice and snow. Ice and snow can melt and pool on your roof. The pools of water then refreeze in the gaps or under shingles. When this happens, the gaps in the roofing widen. Often the shingles loosen and allow even more water to seep underneath. As the seasons change, the damage caused from freezing and refreezing gives way to leaks when it rains. Summer heat causes even more damage. The sun causes blistering and cracking. To protect your roof, it is important to regularly inspect and maintain your roof. If you can catch small problems quickly, they can be repaired before they become big problems.

If you own a home, you are going to have a roofing problem at some time. Patriot Roofing is dedicated to repairing your roof using the highest quality materials. The primary goal is to complete a repair that is long lasting that will protect your roof from future weather events. For expert repairs and advice, Patriot Roofing can work with you to keep your home safe for the crazy weather of the Texas Panhandle.

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