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Maintaining your home can be challenging and expensive. One improvement with wide ranging benefits is window replacement. Updating the windows in your home is not an easy chore. It is, however, a great investment with long reaching effects. When done by a professional, window replacement can be completed in a timely manner with little disruption to your daily life.

The windows are the eyes of your home. Without realizing it, windows are one of the first things people notice about a home. Window replacement seems like a big job and can lead homeowners away from starting. There are several great reasons that make a window project a solid investment.

New windows automatically enhance the appearance of your home. They offer an updated look and increase your home’s curb appeal. In addition, new windows increase the value of your home. Another advantage of new windows is how easy they are to use and clean. Many feature a tilt-in design which allows you to clean them from the inside of your home. New windows increase the safety of your home. They are easier to open and remain in place without falling shut. They are also easier to secure and some offer double locks or double strength glass. Homes in noisy neighborhoods or homes near busy streets will be better insulated against outside noise with the installation of new windows.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of replacing your windows is the improved energy efficiency of your home. Heating and cooling costs can be greatly decreased with new windows. Drafts and interior condensation are often signs that windows are allowing heat to escape your home. With new windows, you can increase not only the energy efficiency of your home, but also the overall comfort. New windows allow homeowners to better utilize their interior spaces by moving furniture closer to windows and allowing the interior temperature to be comfortable and consistent. Many homeowners work to repair windows, but in the long term, the effects of repairs do not offer the same value as new windows. New windows require less maintenance and usually do not require painting.

Finally, new windows offer a clearer view of the world outside. Curtains become decor when they are not needed to maintain your home’s temperature. Older glass often becomes foggy and difficult to clean. New windows give homeowners an unimpeded view of their neighborhood.

If your windows are older than twenty years, an inspection can tell you if they should be replaced and give you an idea of your potential energy savings. An inspection will also help determine the type of installation that will work best for your home. Pocket installation allows new windows to be installed in the existing frame. This is the perfect option when window frames are in good condition. However, if your frames cannot be repaired, you may need full-frame window installation. In this case, your existing window is completely removed and a new frame, trim, and insulation are installed. This is also a good option if you want to change the size, shape, or style of your windows.

No matter what you need, Patriot Roofing can offer professional advice and expertise. New windows can increase the value of your home and save you money on your utility bills. Contact us today to see how we can help you make your home the showplace it is meant to be.