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Types of Roof Damage | Patriot Roofing Amarillo

Weather in the Texas Panhandle is often unpredictable and harsh. Due to the extremes of area weather, the roof of your home or business should be inspected yearly. Yearly inspections can prolong the life of your roof. Damage can be spotted more quickly and prompt repairs can protect your property and potentially save you money.

There are some common types of roof damage that are often noted during an inspection. Weak flashing is one of the primary causes of leaking roofing. Flashing is the thin metal which is installed under shingles and in joints of the roof. The job of the flashing is to create a barrier to water. If flashing is not fastened correctly, it will not resist water. As your roof ages, the tar used to seal flashing can also deteriorate. When this happens, your roof can become vulnerable to cracks which lead to leaks.

Another common type of damage to your roof is wind damage. Wind damage is even more likely if your flashing is installed incorrectly. Wind can get underneath the shingles causing them to blow off. Seams can also tent or open up, allowing the wind to cause further damage. Wind damage alone can be costly to repair, so it is important to catch it quickly.

Water damage is the type of roof damage most homeowners fear the most. Leak can happen for a number of reasons. In the Texas Panhandle, anything from heavy rain to heavy snow can put your roof in danger. Roofing should be able to support the weight of heavy snow. The slope of the roof should allow snow to melt or slide off instead of sitting on the roof for an extended amount of time. Melting snow can drip under the flashing or the gutters. Heavy rain can overload the gutters and back up under the shingles on your roof. No matter how the water gets in, it puts your home at risk. Water and moisture not only causes structural damage, but can also cause mold in your home.

Yearly roofing inspections can help keep your roof, and ultimately your home, safe. Locating damaged flashing, wind damage, and water damage promptly can save your roof. Timely repairs can keep you from having the expense of replacing your roof before it is due. The trained professionals with Patriot Roofing have the experience you need to spot dangerous weaknesses in your roofing. Schedule your inspection today to ensure the health and safety of your roof.

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