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If you're thinking about giving your home a face-lift, you should consider installing new siding. Not only can new siding significantly improve your home's curb appeal, but it can also improve your home's energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Whether you decide to schedule vinyl or metal siding installation services in Amarillo, TX, hire the pros at Patriot Roofing & Construction Group.

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Choose the right siding for your property

Before you choose which siding to use, check out our options. We have the necessary equipment and expertise to provide:

Vinyl siding installation services - vinyl siding has a wide range of style and color options that can complement any building

Metal siding installation services - steel siding is one of the strongest and most durable siding options that you can choose

Smart siding installation services - engineered siding uses wood coated in wax to create a moisture-resistant product that's absolutely beautiful

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